Art Therapist (6-Week Summer Session)

New York, NY

Looking for an Art Therapist to work for 6 weeks at Cooke Summer Academy (July 1st 2019 – August 8th 2019) at our Special Education elementary school. An Art Therapist is strongly preferred, but we would consider an Art Teacher who has special education experience.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities
The Art Therapist is responsible for providing the meaningful and effective educational program for all students assigned a self-contained setting. In this capacity it is expected that the Art Therapist will establish collaborative relationships with parents, students and Cooke colleagues to ensure successful classroom instruction for Cooke students. Art Therapist responsibilities include

Instruction and Assessment

  • Art Therapist will be responsible for classroom activities that promote the healthy emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development of all students
  • Through the use of diagnostic tests, informal assessments, class observations, and integration of NY State Standards and Progress Report goals, the Art Therapist will determine the learning style and individual needs of each student to direct and create meaningful instruction
  • Demonstrate an understanding of academic expectations for all students which includes the use of appropriate assessment materials
  • Utilize a variety of instructional strategies, materials, and resources to implement instruction
  • Document three (3) Progress Reports educational evaluations for each Cooke student based on formal and informal assessments, classroom observations and portfolio assessments
  • Develop weekly and daily written lesson plans appropriate to the needs of each student
  • Deliver lesson in an engaging and interesting manner and reflect on lessons taught to modify future instruction plans
  • Organize furniture, materials and resources in an inviting and safe manner
  • Sets appropriate limits for student behavior and uses management strategies to maintain these limits

Planning and Record Keeping

  • Maintain observations/anecdotals on each student, including descriptive records of class behavior and interventions and examples of each student’s class work
  • Maintain a portfolio of student work to monitor student mastery of skills and content taught
  • Develop a consistent daily routine and structure of the day
  • Maintain daily/weekly observations or anecdotal notes on each student including descriptions of behavior and interventions
  • Maintain records and contacts with parents, professionals, and outside agencies
  • Maintain current attendance records and emergency information

General Professional Responsibilities

  • Arrive at school in a timely fashion
  • Hold frequent regularly scheduled planning meetings each week with relevant staff and related services providers. Share knowledge, techniques and strategies with staff so they may be encouraged to implement them themselves
  • Provide direction for assistant teachers, paraprofessionals, related service providers, and administrators
  • Attend and participate in schoolwide meetings and training programs
  • Maintain a professional demeanor and appearance
  • Properly train students in procedures to be followed during emergencies
  • Utilize supervisor for guidance, discussion, collaboration, professional and self-growth
  • Develop professional growth goals with supervisor and create and implement a plan to reach the agreed upon goals


  • Teacher Certification
  • Master’s Degree preferred
  • Prior experience with Students with Disabilities preferred

Physical Requirements

Able to maintain the physical capacity required to navigate the school environment and to ensure the safety of the students; the ability to…

  • walk, run, sit, and stand
  • move rapidly forward, backward, and laterally
  • bend and stoop
  • push, pull, and lift

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