Director of IT

New York, NY

JOB DESCRIPTION – Director of Information Technology

Job Overview: The Director of Information Technology manages the technology department and supports the infrastructure of the organization.

Tasks include but are not limited to:

· Develop and maintain a technology plan.

· Document and communicate plans and progress through weekly department meetings (technicians and Edtech), monthly meetings with Building Leadership Teams, and monthly meetings with the tech oversite team.

· Manage, maintain and troubleshoot servers, network, wireless infrastructure, and phone systems (Mitel) for four separate physical locations. Hardware platforms include Windows Server (including Active Directory) 2008, 2012, Mac OS X, and Windows 10.

· Manage organizational technology systems such as Google Apps for Education, databases, IRIS emergency alert system, SIS, etc. and develop reports to ensure data accuracy.

· Recommend budget requirements to the President and the Vice President of Finance and Administration.

· Perform regular site visits as required to maintain peak performance of systems.

· Evaluate, recommend and purchase hardware and software. Maintain an inventory of technology equipment, warranty information and software.

· Identify and qualify potential vendors for new product lines and successfully negotiate contracts to ensure quality and cost control. Verify purchase and coordinate setup of equipment and installation of software.

· Participate in technology conferences and professional growth activities, as approved by Dr. Termini.

· Implement and manage projects that are in progress such as Single Sign-on System for GAFE and AD, transition to Cloud-Based Server architecture, transition of AD domain to the new domain name, transition Apple Account services to the new domain name.

· Lead the implementation of Infinite Campus and transfer data from Veracross.

· Coordinate with outsourced tech company the configuration of IT department and all that entails in the two new locations for the Cooke School and Institute (1713 Madison Ave.) and SKILLs program (60 MacDougal Street).

· Other duties as assigned to maintain and improve Cooke’s technology infrastructure.

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