Assistant Division Head of SKILLs Program

New York, NY

We are hiring an Assistant Division Head for our SKILLs Program to work in our special education school for students (ages 18-21). The Cooke School and Institute is a private, not-for-profit, educational organization for students with disabilities based in Manhattan, NY.

Job Title: Assistant Division Head of SKILLs Program

Supervisor: Division Head – SKILLs

Regular Daily Schedule: 8:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Calendar to Follow:12 Month Academic

Status: Exempt


  • Master’s degree in related field
  • 5 years classroom experience with students with special needs
  • 5 years administrative experience
  • Experience in the management of academic personnel

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

The Assistant Division Head of SKILLs reports to the Division Head or Head of School and is responsible for all issues relating to the well-being of the students during their attendance at the school. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following areas:

Under the leadership of the SKILLs Division Head, maintain the quality and standards of all programmatic activities including related service, academic, and school-wide events, enforce school policy and ensure the health and safety of all students.

  • To support the school and its leadership, supervision of staff as directed by the Division Head
  • Assumes responsibility, with the Division Head, as an educational leader in the building
  • To coordinate new student orientation and new student scheduling responsibilities for both semesters
  • To schedule family conferences and to maintains records and correspondence relating to parent conferences
  • Facilitate communication between teachers and related service providers in relation to student specific concerns or management plans
  • Shares responsibility with the Division Head for discipline and ensures consistent application of behavioral rules; to follow through with correspondence recordkeeping relating to discipline, compile and organize student records and assessment data
  • To schedule special programs and gatherings
  • To help prepare and maintain the school’s master calendar
  • To keep the Head fully informed on student issues and all other relevant matters pertaining to school life
  • Serve as a member of the School Leadership Team
  • Shares leadership with the Division Head through reporting processes, faculty meetings, etc. and keeps staff informed of school-wide and agency goals
  • To establish programs for the orientation of new teachers, for in-service training of all teachers, and for the evaluation of classroom teachers, to ensure that teachers are familiar with and adhere to school policies in all areas of the school operation.
  • Oversee the grading and the reporting of standards and methods used by teachers in measuring student achievement
  • Oversee curriculum development, implementation and alignment
  • Guiding teachers in the use of assessment data to plan instruction, goal setting and curriculum development.
  • Coaching teachers through the use of best practices, e.g., balanced literacy and balanced math
  • Observing teachers in their classrooms and providing meaningful feedback
  • Supervising paraprofessionals by evaluating, providing meaningful feedback, professional development and learning opportunities
  • Modeling of techniques and strategies for teachers
  • To perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School

Physical Requirements

To maintain the physical capacity required to navigate the school environment and to ensure the safety of the students; the ability to…

  • walk, run, sit, and stand
  • move rapidly forward, backward, and laterally
  • bend and stoop
  • push, pull, and lift

Professional Development

All Cooke staff are responsible for developing a professional growth plan with their supervisor. Staff training is an integral part of the Cooke school and as such is a requirement of the job. All staff must at a minimum: attend all scheduled Staff Development activities throughout the year and participate in staff orientation scheduled for the last week in August.

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