Physical Therapist for Cooke SKILLs

Manhattan, NY

We are seeking a full-time Physical Therapist to provide services for our special education, post-high school students (ages 18-21) for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. The Cooke School and Institute is a private, not-for-profit, educational organization for students with disabilities based in Manhattan, NY. When applying please attach your resume and make a comment in order to copy and paste your cover letter.

Job Title: Physical Therapist – Cooke SKILLs

Supervisor: Division Head of SKILLs

Regular Daily Schedule: 8:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Calendar to Follow: 10-month Academic

Status: Exempt

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

The Physical Therapist, a Related Service Provider (RSP), is responsible for providing direct and indirect service to students and staff consistent with the integration and collaboration model of the Cooke School. In this capacity, it is expected that the Physical Therapist will establish collaborative relationships with parents, partner schools and Cooke colleagues to ensure successful inclusion for Cooke students. The Physical Therapist’s responsibilities include:

Assessment and Direct Service to Students

  • Interpret assessments in order to determine level of functioning and needs of each child
  • Conduct ongoing informal assessments in the classroom and coordinate professional practice with pedagogic staff
  • Utilize a variety of activities to meet students’ needs as determined by informal and formal assessment
  • Utilize knowledge of content area to effectively serve students
  • Maintain ongoing communication with classroom teachers and parents about progress of the students
  • Attend monthly team meetings prepared with information about the students being discussed
  • Collect and assess student homework for portfolio using portfolio guidelines and assessments

Planning and Record Keeping

  • Develop Progress Reports on each student in conjunction with classroom teacher and other team members
  • Create plans consistent with Progress Report goals for each child
  • Maintain narrative logs for each child
  • Maintain attendance records for each child
  • Complete monthly documentation relevant to the number of sessions given to each child
  • Ensure that make-up sessions are provided

General Professional Responsibilities

  • Initiate and foster good working relationships with teachers, paraprofessionals, general education teachers and parents
  • Attend all planning meetings with the teachers and monthly meetings with each classroom team
  • Participate in all Progress Report meetings convened at the school level
  • Attend and participate in all Cooke meetings and workshops
  • Arrive at assigned site and meetings promptly and be prepared for daily assignment
  • Prepare documents, when necessary, for CSE meetings and, if applicable, impartial hearings
  • Adhere to carefully planned schedules
  • Utilize supervisor for guidance, discussion, collaboration, professional and self-growth
  • Develop professional growth goals with supervisor and create and implement a plan to reach the agreed upon goals
  • Staff training is an integral part professional development at Cooke. All staff must at a minimum: attend all scheduled Staff Development activities throughout the year and participate in staff orientation scheduled for the last week in August


  • Develop and maintain relationships with community resources
  • Integrate physical therapy services at community resources
  • Consult and train staff to support student growth

Education and Experience

  • Valid and current License and/or Certification to practice in New York State
  • Ability to provide your National Provider Identification (NPI) number

Physical Requirements

Able to maintain the physical capacity required to navigate the school environment and to ensure the safety of the students; the ability to…

  • walk, run, sit, and stand
  • move rapidly forward, backward, and laterally
  • bend and stoop
  • push, pull, and lift

Professional Development

All Cooke staff are responsible for developing a professional growth plan with their supervisor. Staff training is an integral part of the Cooke School and as such is a requirement of the job. All staff must at a minimum: attend all scheduled Staff Development activities throughout the year and participate in staff orientation scheduled for the last week in August.

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