Cooke Institute

Professional Development Services for Teachers and School Leaders

Cooke Consulting Services

The Institute, Cooke’s consulting and training division, was established in 1995. The Institute furthers Cooke’s mission to share our knowledge with educators in the broader community. Our goal is to improve the educational experience for all children.

Cooke Institute works with educators in different roles to elevate outcomes in general and special education. Working with teachers and school leaders, CI consultants support educators to gain knowledge of the diverse needs of their students.

Cooke Institute partners with schools to support teachers and school leadership teams in their pursuit of instructional excellence for all learners. Our customized training plans are designed to empower teachers through individual sessions, small group in-service training sessions, or a combination of the two, so they feel confident in implementing their instructional plans.

Special Education

Instruction and pedagogy focused on evidence-based approaches that elevate a culture of inclusion for students with disabilities to learn alongside their non-disabled peers.


A multi-faceted approach focused on the diverse range of cognitive skills, social-emotional competencies, and behavioral needs of young children.


Customized literacy coaching plans for classroom teachers, focused on students’ unique strengths, needs, culture, and diversity to the forefront of planning and high-quality instruction.


Instruction and pedagogy focused on advancing mathematical knowledge, skills and concepts that bring the diverse and unique learning needs of students to the forefront of planning and instruction.

All of Our Services are Available Virtually! 

Our virtual 1:1 coaching or small group sessions optimize the use of technology as an instructional tool to foster online classroom learning and environments that are supportive, engaging, and conducive to each child’s unique circumstances while learning from home.

Our Impact on Educators and Students

Students Impacted Annually

Classrooms Served

CTLE Hours Awarded Each Year

School Leaders and Educators Attended our Virtual PD Trainings

Early Childhood Coaching Sessions (synchronous and asynchronous)

Our Approach

Cooke Institute approaches coaching as an ongoing process.

Mission Driven

Client Driven

Data Driven

Outcomes Driven

Consultants Work Collaboratively with Teachers and School Leaders to:

Assess and understand the diverse needs of their students.


Plan developmentally appropriate and differentiated


Implement evidence based teaching and inclusive practices.


Give continuously effective feedback to advance teaching and learning.

Professional Development Workshops

(In-Person or Remote)


Cooke Institute offers a wide array of topics that are customized and designed to meet the needs of educators within a professional learning cohort, region or district. Our workshops often serve to launch an initiative or topic, followed by classroom-based sessions to support the transference of new knowledge and implementation of strategies.

Sample Workshops Include: 

• Supporting Students with Disabilities at home

• Supporting Language Development and Literacy

• Digital Assessments and Differentiate Products

• Differentiating Content for Students with Disabilities

• Creating Home Reading Routines and Reading Spaces

• Creating Meaningful Padlets to Increase Engagement

• Teaching Phonics Digitally

• Choice Research Projects


Our Partners

Cooke Institute partners with NYC public, non-public, and charter schools in underserved communities with diverse student populations. As an approved NYC DOE vendor and NYSED CTLE PD provider, we will customize a consulting and training plan that fits the needs of your unique school community.