May 2017 Update

Sharing Our Knowledge : Denmark and Cooke

Two department managers from the social institution “Fund KOLONI” located in Ugerloese, Denmark visited Cooke Academy and SKILLs recently to learn first-hand about our program. Jeppe Christensen and Lasse Juhl run an amazing program in Denmark which offers respite services for families and children with special needs aged 8 through 18. The fund has throughout the last 17 years had a focus on offering caretaking for children with special needs, with diagnoses such as ADD, ADHD and autism. The institution has around 100 children in care, and 40 employees.

On their 3 farms, students spend the weekend working on social/​emotional development and interpersonal skills. Their work has caught the attention of local municipalities who have charged them with the task of opening a school. Many of the children they serve do not currently attend a program due to behavioral or learning needs.

In seeking out a model school the local municipal officials suggest they visit Cooke to serve as a model for their special education program and to inspire their thinking about what a special education school would look like for their students. The visit was an incredible exchange of ideas and thoughts between the two staffs. In meeting with them it was inspiring to see others take on the task of starting a school and thinking about the basics of education for special needs. Their visit will result in a sharing of ideas and curriculum for many years to come.