Keeping Up With Cooke – Let’s S.W.E.A.T.



Why are we all sweating at Cooke?  Because we recently implemented a vigorous exercise program:  S.W.E.A.T – Student Workouts Enhance Academic Time.

Research indicates that vigorous exercise can help enhance focus and performance during academic activities. Vigorous exercise is meant to include activities that elevate the students’ heart rates and make them sweat. Using existing programs as a framework, the PT departments across all Cooke sites created an exercise video that would be accessible and easy to implement in the classroom.

The PTs presented this video in a professional development workshop and are now in the process of helping teachers implement the program.

The first S.W.E.A.T. video consists of a three-minute cycle of running in place alternating with squats (to a chair). Teachers can use the video before or during academic activities to help students improve their readiness for learning. Classrooms can use the S.W.E.A.T. program to replace their breaks or add then to their current daily routine.

The premier S.W.E.A.T. video, which demonstrates the exercise routine, features:  Lyzander Dilag (SKILLS & CA), Cassi Sutherland (CA), and Elma Hadrovic, Janet Hon, and Nicole Schlobach (CGS).  Our very special guest star, Billy English, Director of Admissions, sweated along with the PTs to add to the fun!  Filming & editing was done by Alison Herold, Director of Technology. 

Watch the video and try it at home so we can all S.W.E.A.T!  

Cooke Institute Conference


Join us for “Elevate: Teaching and Learning Through Multiple Perspectives,” a day of professional learning that brings together educators and innovators leading the charge to provide excellent teaching, learning experiences and success to students with diverse needs and abilities!

Sessions are open to all educators and instructional leaders (general education and special education teachers, reading / learning specialists, other instructional staff) who want to learn ways to address the diverse needs of their students and increase the accessibility of their curriculum to improve student learning.

Check out our amazing line up of workshop sessions just in time to kick off your summer learning! The day begins with keynote speaker, Dr. Michael Termini, followed by a choice of workshops led by expert practitioners in their field. Topics range from Equipping Tomorrow’s Leaders with Social Emotional Skills to Neurodiversity and the Impact on Math Instruction to Executive Functions and Literacy Development, and much more!

Grants Update: Cooke’s Latest Partnerships and Grants


Cooke has been fortunate to partner with a number of foundations and corporate partners who support our transition work, especially our internship program, which provides paid internships for SKILLs students.

The internship program begins in high school, and from 9th grade through age 21, students are placed in annual internships in six career areas: animal care, child care, clerical, culinary, maintenance and retail. These work experiences are critical to learning real-world vocational skills, as well as developing communication and self-advocacy skills.

We want to thank the following foundations and corporate partners for their recent grants in support of the SKILLs transition program. Their generosity has a profound impact on many Cooke students!


  • XL Catlin: $15,000

  • Sterling National Bank Charitable Foundation: $25,000

  • Moody’s: $50,000

  • Robert & Ardis James Foundation: $25,000

Cooke’s Walk-a-thon is for Everyone! 

A great way to #supportcooke is to participate in our Spring Walk-a-thon! Join us for a fun day of activities and community togetherness.

This walk-a-thon is not about the number of laps walked, it’s about coming out and showing your support. Registration is required to attend. Fundraising is optional, but encouraged. All ages are welcome!

Why a walk-a-thon?
This walk-a-thon celebrates Cooke’s legacy and impact. It’s about bringing together the passionate people who care deeply for our community for a day of fun, togetherness and movement! 

Is this a fundraiser? 
Yes, this walk-a-thon is a fundraiser to help support Cooke’s mission and commitment to provide excellent special education to all children who need our services. However, fundraising isn’t required to participate––but it is encouraged.

Who can participate?
All Cooke families and friends are invited to participate in this community-wide event.

We look forward to seeing you … Register TODAY!  


Cooke families, you are invited to attend Cooke’s very first STEM Night!

WHEN: Thursday, May 30, 2019
WHERE: Cooke Academy – 60 MacDougal St.
TIME: 6:00 to 7:30PM 


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