Cooke ALL Staff Newsletter: In the Mix!

Sep 16, 2020

Human Resources:

  • TASC forms for 2020-2021 | DUE: September 24
  • WorkForceOne Mobile App | Reminder
  • Annual Sexual Harassment Certification | DUE: October 13

• Submitting Work Orders

 Digital Letterhead

• TASC forms for 2020-2021 | Due September 24
Sign up for a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to set aside funds on a pretax basis to spend on qualifying healthcare and/or dependent care expenses. Cooke gives full-time employees $100 just for signing up to the plan!

Click Here for the TASC FSA Enrollment Form




Click Here for TASC Commuter Benefits Enrollment Form


Please do not submit your TASC elections online. Email your completed TASC forms to Vanessa Krigger:


• WorkForce1 Mobile App | Reminder
Download the new WorkforceOne mobile app, so you can clock in/out with ease! The company short code is on the very first page – PPC4075. 

Your username is your first initial and your last name and the last four digits of your social security number.
Your password is case sensitive  – ( Basically your login information is exactly the same information you log in with on your desktop or laptop).
If you forget your password, click on Forgot Password.
If you get locked please email:

Click here for instructions (Please read the instructions carefully.)





In order to make sure you have punched in or out for the day, you must see the confirmation screen pop up on your phone.  See the screenshots below.  Unless you see these you have not punched in or out.







• Annual Sexual Harassment Certification | Due October 13
This mandatory training takes 45 minutes to complete. Please read the instructions thoroughly before starting, and capture your certificate as proof that you took the online course.

Click here for the link to the training

Most Important: At the end of the training there will be the opportunity to download or screenshot your certificate. This is proof that you have taken the training. Please follow instructions to capture your certificate.
Once you have downloaded your certificate, please send it to:

Facilities Assistance and Requests

If you require assistance in your classroom, office, or the building in general, please follow one of these two options:

  1. Emergency facility requests should be emailed to and your building leader (Mary Clancy, Katie Riordan or Cindy Surdi) with the subject line: URGENT request at <school location>.

    These include items such as: “the toilet is overflowing” or “I am locked in my room and can’t get out.”  

You may also text Del at 347.582.5457 for facility emergencies (include URGENT request at <school location> in your text message). Please keep these requests to emergencies which include danger to people or damage to the buildings.

2. Non-emergency facility work order requests can be emailed to:

Please note your school location (1713, 219 or 60) in your request. This system will generate a work order ticket similar to the IT help desk system we currently use.

WIFI at 1713 and 60 MacDougal:

SSID: Cooke Temp Wireless

Password: Cooke2020! 

WIFI at 219:

The CGS Network is an open Network “Hardware CCGS – wireless WiFi”

Our digital letterhead has been updated for our 3 sites; the updated school names are:

  • Cooke Lower and Middle School (formerly Grammar)
  • Cooke Upper School (formerly Academy)
  • Cooke Transitions  (formerly SKILLs)

Click here to access Cooke branded letterhead.

*If you have questions, or need help downloading or accessing these assets, please contact:

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