Cooke ALL Staff Newsletter: In the Mix!


Dear Staff,

To continue to provide the safest working environment possible for our staff, and to meet our state testing requirements, Cooke has contracted a COVID-19 testing company to conduct testing at all Cooke sites. The testing will begin the week of December 7 and continue through June 2021.

Further testing details specific to each Cooke site are forthcoming from the building leaders.

Be Well,

Cooke’s COVID-19 Testing Policy

To ensure the safety of all employees, their families and our community, Cooke School and Institute is enforcing measures designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This policy applies to all employees, full-time and part-time. School policies on social distancing and face covering remain in effect. If you have any questions, please reach out to:

We thank you for your cooperation.

Read: Cooke’s COVID-19 policy here

Thank you to all those who are uploading their COVID-19 test results to their Smart Vault account. A gentle reminder, please DO NOT email your actual test results to your supervisor. You may inform them if the results were positive or negative but the actual test results from your testing facility should only be uploaded to a secure site such as your Smart Vault portal.

Open Enrollment Meeting

Don’t forget about our Open Enrollment Meeting on Zoom this Friday, December 4, at 1pm. We will go over our new Vision Plan, our new HSA Plan and AFLAC. We will have presentations from Lou Degatti from AFLAC and Sean Joyce from PGP Benefits. This meeting will be recorded and posted for anyone who cannot make it.

Pre-installed Software for Cooke-Issued Devices

Cooke devices and laptops are distributed with preset software that handle things such as remote assistance and support. There has been an uptick in instances where this software has been either disabled or removed.

Cooke IT is responsible for maintenance and repair of all devices, and it is imperative that you reach out to IT prior to removing any software that was pre-installed on the devices. Disabling or removing the support software applications may result in a system slow down and will prevent our IT team from assisting you remotely with any help desk issues you may be experiencing.

Cooke Is Our Constant

We have launched our 2020-2021 Annual Giving Campaign with the theme #CookeIsOurConstant. We selected this theme because although many things have changed, and we have all had to readjust to the new “norms,” our commitment to Cooke families and students has remained unified. Our world is different, but Cooke remains the constant. We have found new and innovative ways to teach, and that has brought about  constant learning, growth, joy, consistency, and resilience in our community.

We invite all of you to share our story and show your support for our Annual Giving Campaign, by asking your family and friends to participate and give a year-end gift to Cooke. If your heart desires, perhaps you can do the same. As a special thanks for their gift, supporters who give $100 and more, will receive one limited-edition Cooke student art face mask. Supporters who give a gift of $250 or more, will receive three limited-edition masks.

Have questions? Please contact:

Here are some of the masks being offered as a free gift:

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