Celebrating our Graduates

Celebrating Our Graduates

“The path these graduates have walked has not been easy … They have shown us that limitations exist only in the mind and that with the right support and beliefs, they can achieve great things.”

-Francis Tabone


In the Words of a Cooke Graduate…

“I am thankful for my friends. I like them and all the fun we have had. I will miss them and my teachers. I used to have difficulty with math but I am proud that I find it easy now. All my memories of high school are good ones. I am excited for my future. I look forward to learning new skills and becoming more independent. This rose is for my Mom. I love you!”

– Alejandra C. (Upper School Graduate)


Middle School Moving-Up Ceremony

“Your parents have worked tirelessly to provide opportunities that will enhance your life. Make sure you hug them extra tight today. They are your champions.” -Dr. Francis Tabone

Upper School Graduation

“We have witnessed the blossoming of talents, the nurturing of passions, and the development of skills that will guide them on their future paths.” -Francis Tabone


Transitions Graduation

“Your education at Cooke has equipped you with a solid foundation of knowledge, critical thinking skills, and the ability to adapt to new situations. It has instilled in us a thirst for learning and a capacity for growth that will serve us well in the years to come.”

-Francis Tabone

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