Build a state-of-the-art flagship school as a strong foundation for our excellent programming.

Our campaign will help ensure that every child learns in an optimal environment and every family receives the support they need.

Our current facilities do not match the quality, scope or unique design of our excellent programming. Consolidating our K-12 program in a new building will provide stability to Cooke families and an optimal environment for its students.

The uniqueness of Cooke lies in the developmentally appropriate curriculum that will be enhanced through greater collaboration in a centralized location. New classrooms will offer greater access to technology to enrich the student experience.

Highlights include:

  • Equipping the new school with amenities such as a gymnasium/auditorium and rooftop playground/garden
  • Enhancing the overall learning environment for students through improved control of lighting, acoustics and ventilation in the new building
  • Creating flexible spaces for school-wide gatherings to better unify the faculty and parent community
  • Ensuring accessibility for all community members by building to ADA standards
  • Eliminating the risk of short-term leasing and guaranteeing a more stable location for our students and families
  • Amplifying the collaboration between our schools, staff, and administration, further strengthening our unique continuity of curriculum by consolidating Cooke’s locations
  • Upgrading classrooms by expanding cutting-edge assistive technology schoolwide
  • Dedicating new spaces for therapeutic services and interventions, as well as developing expanded programming to utilize outdoor art and science workspaces, sensory gyms, and daily living labs

“Cooke will finally have the facilities to complement their level of excellence in education and programming.”

Arthur Skelskie

Senior Vice President, Moody's


Enlarge our Transitions program facility and expand our Alumni community and services.

Our campaign will strengthen our Transitions program and facilities for our 18 to 21-year-old students, and provide Cooke with the resources to expand our services to post-graduate young adults with special needs.

Transitions has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2007; it is expected that the current facility will reach capacity by 2019. Expanding to a larger facility will enable Cooke to continue to provide high-quality special education and transition services to 18-21 year old students.

We have learned that our graduates thrive with continued socialization and career support to avoid isolation and skill regression. More comprehensive alumni services are needed to sustain independence in the workplace and the home. Creating an alumni center with targeted programming will proactively address the long-term learning needs of Cooke graduates and their peers.

Highlights include:

  • Renovating a new Transitions facility to create an upgraded, spacious environment
  • Expanding alumni programming and community opportunities
  • Introducing new vocational and social-emotional support programs for post-graduate young adults and their families in New York City beyond the Cooke community

“Having graduated from the Transitions program, our son Jake now attends community college, works and volunteers part time; we would never have imagined these accomplishments to be possible when he began Cooke in the 9th grade. As a result of Cooke’s Alumni program, Jake has a rich social life. He continues to connect with his Cooke friends, which is an important part of the success he has had as a young adult with special needs.”

Karen Waltuck

Alumni parent


$10 million

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