Cooke School and Institute and Moody’s Foundation present:

Roadmap for Inclusion: A Collaborative Digital Skills Training Model for Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Are you interested in finding amazing new talent for your company?

Do you see the potential for improving your workplace culture by diversifying your workforce?

Corporations, educational institutions, nonprofits, individuals…

No matter what industry you work in, you can find amazing, hard-working young adults to bring value to your organization, while forging new pathways to employment and professional growth for people with disabilities. 

Download the new Cooke/Moody’s Foundation report to find out more about what the research on neurodiversity in the IT sector indicates for the future job prospects of people with disabilities. 


The Moody’s Foundation has supported the Cooke School and Institute for more than 20 years, providing financial support, employee volunteers and collaboration on program/curricular enhancements.


• The latest trends in recruiting neurodiverse talent in the IT industry and beyond.

• What research suggests are the most important “gatekeeper” skills to have to become a successful candidate for IT and other industry jobs that rely heavily on digital skills.

• The promise of collaboration between education and business to increase job prospects and professional growth for neurodiverse individuals who can bring innovation and productivity to the workforce.


Neurodiversity initiatives in IT have opened the door to new recruitment models, innovative onboarding techniques and improvements in workplace culture, but future growth depends on business and education working together to forge effective vocational pathways.

Find out more about our collaborative model for achieving full inclusion for people with disabilities. Get started with your free copy of:

Roadmap for Inclusion: a Collaborative Digital Skills Training Model for Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

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