Cooke School and Institute

2019-2020 Building Futures Donors

Step Into Our Future 

Our new school building is a dream come true. Now, generations of students will have a place to belong, to build friendships, to learn life lessons (and to enjoy being kids)! 

Whenever they enter these doors, they will be welcomed and embraced by educators and peers who care deeply for them!

You are the pioneers! Your support of our Building Futures Campaign has made our new school possible, and we are immensely grateful.


You’ve Made This All Possible and We Thank You!  

Giving Categories

$500K and Up

Andrea Pollack and Adam Usdan

Karen and Thomas Robards

Robert and Kate Niehaus Foundation

Dr. Mary White

$100K to $499,999

Donald Jonas

Robin and Brian Leach

Helen Lee-Warren and David Warren

Juanita Leff

The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund

Debbie and Andrew Morris

Sarah Paul and Mark Nachamie 

Robert and Ardis James Foundation

Julia V. Shea

Julia Tung and Tongwei Liu

$10K to $99,999

Benno Ansbacher

Wendy Banner and Geoff Wiener

Marcia and Michael Beck

Amy Benenson and Peter Lynfield

Mary and Randy Berger

Ellen Bickal

Catholic Communal Fund of the Archdiocese of NY

Eileen Caulfield Schwab

Danielle Curi and Max Herrnstein

Heather and Jeffrey Damon

Dr. William O. Benenson Family Foundation

June Eichbaum and Kenneth Wirfel

Frizzy Stiftung

Christine and Kevin Hennessey

Laurence and Vincent Herbert

Molly Hoagland and Rufus Collins

Hyde & Watson Foundation

Tara Litin Usdan

Cia and Bob Marakovits

Moët Hennessy USA

Nan Molofsky and Arthur Skelskie

Nancy and Daniel Neff

June Niklus and David Murphy

Patricia Nooy and Roger Miller

Louise Parent and John Casaly

Alina and Ozzie Ramos

Dr. Elsa Roe

Erika Serow

Barbara and O. Griffith Sexton

Rosemary Suh and Shawn Watts

Michael Termini

Christine and Eamon Walsh

Lisa and John Westlake

Barbara Wolf

$1K to $9,999

Anonymous Donors

Suzanne and James Aisenberg

Kimberly Albright and Michael Dow

Catherine Manning and Andrew Amer

Neal Andrews

The Answer Company

Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp.

Aishwerya and Sanjeev Bahl

Sherryl Bandt

Ellen Banner

Anastasia and Ronald Barth

Beacon’s Closet

Joan Beir

JoAnn and Robert Beltempo

Janet Bickal

Roxanne and Scott Bok

Taryn and Oliver Brodlieb

Kristen and Patrick Carey

Laura and Joseph Carini

Susan Caruso Green and Stuart Green

Paula T. Ciferni


Mary Clancy and Jamie Riches

Sarah Clarke and Robert Campagna

Ofer Cohen

Sybil Cohen

Jane Condon and Kenneth Bartels

Debbie Cooper and Dan Sternberg

Maria Luisa Cotrina and Juan Carlos Lopez

The Cousins’ Charitable Foundation

Mary Ellen and John Curley

DE Shaw

Lawrence Depp

Stephanie Doerfler and Michael Casteele

Carol and Ray Dovell

Patrick Duff

Michael Eaton and Michael Hoagland

Jason Eitel

Martha and Stephen Ellman


Eveline Erni and Gary Barton

Rob Fairbairn

Deirdre Featherstone and Wilson Madden

Gail and Peter Ferris

Lizanne Fontaine and Robert Buckholz

Anne Garonzik

Carlie and Neal Garonzik

Triniti and Rod Gawthrop

Ann Gill and Robert Hempel

Andrew Goffe

Wendy and Benjamin Goldberg

Ariele and Steve Gordon

Limor Goren

Anna and Dionysios Grevenitis

Lisa and Alex Grinberg

Shirley and John Horn

Hutchins Family Foundation

Noelle Ibrahim and Kal Abu-Eideh

Jocelyn and Adam Jachimowski

Jordana and Jeffrey Jacobs

Meredith Kane

Raelin and Jeffrey Kantor

Chris Karagheuzoff

Jack Kopnisky

Chantel and Neil Kupferman

Sandra and Joe Lambert

Beth Latimer and Thomas Gutowski

Vasso and Anthony Lazanas

Lee Litigation Group, PLLC

C.K. Lee

Catherine and Dan Lee

Kenneth Levien

Anne Marie and Peter Livoti

Diana Lopez and Robert Begleiter

Patti and Cabot Marks

Mark Melito

Vanessa and Eric Mendelson

Stephanie Gayden and Marc Miller

Michelle Mintz and Jason Scharfspitz

Beth Moon-Burgess

Millie and Bernardo Muniz

Mutual of America

Christianne and Ira Nachamie

Lisa and Myles Nachamie

The Navesink Foundation

Brigitte and Suok Noh

Jessica and John O’Hagan

Janet and David Offensend

Elizabeth Ostrow and Andrew Buchsbaum

Paula and John Perlowski

Carrie Peterson and Jay Lien

Joseph Quintillian

Rauch Foundation

David Rich

Susan and William Rifkin

Debbie and Paul Roebuck

Heather and Brett Rogoff

Carolyn Rossip Malcolm

Laurel Rubin

Carolina Sandoval-Ciferni and John Ciferni

Amy and Josh Schindler

Anita and Harvey Shapiro

Anne and Ronald Simon

Chrystia Slywotzky

Rose Marie and Kelly Smith

Rhodora and Arvin Soh

Gayle Spear and David Eisen

Roma and Thomas Steffanci

Robert Tuschman

Mary Beth Wallis

Ellyn Weston and Michael Coopersmith

John White

Maureen White and Steven Rattner

Stacie Wong

Caroline and Eric Yoon

Henry Zachary

Barbara and Michael Zimmerman

Denise and Stuart Zwerling


Isa Abney

Emily Adler

Jonathan Aghravi

Janey Ahn


Maria Alba

Mirta and Luis Alicea

Priscila Alvarez

AmazonSmile Foundation

American Eagle Lifecare Corporation

Fran Anarumo

Rosemary and Jonathan Ansbacher

Eric Armstrong

Marci Aronovitz and Steve Spector

Susan and Albert Asebrook

Melanie and Dean Asofsky

Larissa Baczyk and Walter Drobenko

Oksana Baczyk

Roma Baczyk

Lynn and Will Bagliebter

Sabine Barbier-Goldman and Jonathan Goldman

Marianne Barbier

Elizabeth Barlow and William Bedwell

Patrick Barnes and Kent McIngvale

Cindy Barry

Leslie Barton

Elli and David Basner

Michael Beck

Vicki Been and Richard Revesz

Lisa Bender

Arnis Berger

Jean Bickal

Mike Bickal

Paul Binder

Nicole Bittan

Mary Beth Black

Frances Blackman


Tonya Blazio

Jill Block and Marc Shapiro

Dorothy and Joseph Bondarenko

Vjekoslava Bosanac-Popovic and Zack Popovic

Anthony Bradley

  1. Alan Brown

Claire Bukata

Morgan Buksbaum

Linda and Donald Burke

Caren Byrd

Christopher Cairns

Ulka and Scot Campbell

James Carey

John Casey

Caitlin Cassaro

Rosemarie and Brian Cassidy

Lourdes Castro and Gerard Mortillaro

Amay Champaneria

Wing Sung Chan

Judy Choi and Philip Herter

Cindy DiPrima Morisse and Laurent Morisse

Diana Clark

Alan Cohen and Barry Rosenthal

Carrie Cohen and Richard Lipsey

Jeffrey Cohen

Vicki and Ian Cohn

Susan Cole

Carter Collison

Solfidia and William Contreras

Latoya Cook

Thomas Coon

Matthew Cosentino

Ruth Cowan

Tom Cramer

Kathryn Dahl

Claire and Allan Damon

Maria and Warren Davis

Kitty and Guy de Chazal

Alison De Noia

Donna Sue DeCoursey and John C. Straton, Jr.

Gigi DeCrosta

Maria DeLeon

Paulette Dell

Natallia DiDonato

Dana and Stephen DiPrima

Ann Dowd Arancio and Lawrence Arancio

Byers and Ben Dowdell

Francine Dreyfus

Erika and Todd Drezner

Marc Drezner

Sherree and Marc Drezner

The Drobenko Family

Larysa Drobenko

Marc Drobenko

Maria Drobenko

Richard Dudley

Kathy and Larry Dunne

Grace Ellis

Marianne and John Emanuel

Daniel Emerson

Betty and Billy English

Kira Epstein

Anne Falivena

Deborah Farrington

Jay Fife

Pat and James Fingeroth

Judy and Alan Fishman

Tom Flood

Nicole Flora Cramer

Sarah Foley

Dagnall Folger

Debra and Barry Frank

Jaclyn and Timothy Freydberg

Tomoko Furuya-Capozzi and Richard Capozzi

Loretta and Brian Gallagher

Marcia Goldberg and Paul Garrity

Erica and Jason Gaswirth

Marc Gee

Diane Gibbons

Kate Gimbel Goldman

Faye Ginsburg and Fred Myers

Elizabeth Gleason

Catherine Glynn and Sean Herlihy

Kathy and Eric Goldberg

Zachary Goldberg

Goldman Sachs

Stanley Goldman

Robyn and David Goldstein

Djena Graves Lennix

Chris Grubb

Claire Hankin-Wray

Delphi Harrington

Susannah and Spencer Harrington

Roger Harris

Karen Hartmann

Simon Heather

Cindy and Randall Heck

Jill Heisler

Ali and Ed Heitin

Riva Hemond

Adrienne Hepler

JR Herlihy

Mary Herms and Ryan Marshall

Roberta Herter

Sita and Adam Hess

Lauree and Gregory Hickok

Michael Hieger

Kristen and Matt Hill

Roseanne Hirsch

Pam Hutto and Kenneth Hochman

Andrea Hu

Tracy Hu

Marielena and Clifford Hurvich

Veronica Hurvich

Frank Iannelli

Kamran Isayev

Lindsey Jacob

Emily Jacobs and Richard Fleischman

Hillary and James Jacobs

Sharon Jacquet

Carol and Mark Jaffe

Maria Jaime

Alex Joffe

Frances Jones

Melissa Kaish and Jonathan Dorfman

Stephanie Kanarek and David Smith

F. Scott Kellman

Avi Kent

Renee Khatami and John MacArthur

Dennis Khrakovsky

Mary Ellen Depree Kiernan and James Kiernan

Erin and Kevin Kinsella

Susan and Thomas Kirch

Roger Kitch

Laurin and Norman Kleiman

Phyllis and Harvey Klein

Rob Knowles

Veronica Kohn

Elizabeth Kowal-Foley

Laryssa Kramarchuk

Robin Krause

Kristina Krishka

Michele Kule-Korgood, Esq.

Emilia Kuzemka

Slawka Laba

Marisa Lago and Ron Finiw

Aurélie Lang

Isabelle and William Latimer

Lisa Lau

John Lavora

Meghan Leach

Jen and Daniel Lebor

Mon Lee and Hongmei Zhao

Laurel Leff and Jeremy Paul

Fritz Beshar and Peter Lehner

Ester Mae Leonardia and Gino Tadiar

Carol Levin

Louise Levy

Steve Lewis

Leslie and Victor Lewkow


Malily Li and Yu Qiang Ma

Jill Licata

Katherine Lilley

Helene Liss

JoAnn LoFrisco and William Winston

Rainiel Lopez

Evdoxia Lucarini

Jamie and Joe Luft

Joella and John Lykouretzos

Kara and Paul Lynch

Catherine Lyness

Miriam and Robert Mahler

Susie and Ken Mandelbaum

Roanne Mann and David Brodsky

Edith Markiewicz

Anndra and Stephen Martinelli

Laurie Mathurin

Angela Matthews

Amanda McCall

Kate and Damien McGough

Coleen McGrath

Susan McKillop

Aarti McMahon

Philip Meachin

Lisa and Dennis Meade

Victoria Meakin and David Feldman

Hunter Merghart

Frances Meyer

Ian Miller

Stephen Minar

Catherine Morris

Renny and Michael Nachwalter

Joan and Richard Nardi

Jessica Nesbihal and Bernard Manning

Renée and Kurt Nicholson

Matt and Maria Nuijens

Patrick O’Sullivan

Andrea Odintz and Michael Rosenberg

Gabrielle and Michael Palitz

Jennifer Pariser and Stuart Katz

Charles Park

Scott Parker

Laurie and David Pauker

Elizabeth and Jeffrey Peek

Cindy and David Pinter

Mary Ann and Len Policastro

Janine Pollack

Nicole Pombier Berger and Jed Berger

Terri Pombier

Amy and Seth Promisel

Shirley and Stanley Puskarz

Ryan Quick

Sam Rade

Ferid Radoncic

Christine Ragucci

Maria and Johnny Rahman

Lisa Ramsburg

Melissa and Danny Reichman

Shannon Resavy

Christopher Robards

David Robards

Katherine Robards

Allison Robles

Everlidys Robles

Barbara and Victor Rocco

Tamara Roff, Esq.

Irina Roller, Esq.

Susan Roque-Moss and Michael Moss

Juliette Rose

Neal Rosenberg

Joanna and Jamie Rude

Heather Rush

Laurea Salvatore

Nicole and David Sambur

Ananth Sampathkumar

Ana Sandoval

Luis Sandoval

Jo Sanson and Anthony Marcus

Yarienny Santana

Claudia and Manuel Santiago

Lauren and John Saraceno

Yolanda and Joe Saraceno

Jeanne and Blane Schertz

Randolph Schwartz

Samantha and Steven Scire

Jennifer and Max Sederer

Amy and Steven Shachat

Carlin Shannon

Mary Sharkey and Jerry Todd

Ann Silberman

James Silberman

Ginny and Eric Skar

Martin Small

Chris Smernoff

Darrin Smith

  1. Smyth

Amy Sohnen

Joanne and Kenneth Sold

Nickolas Sophinos

Sierra Soucy and Zeke Tell

Joanna Spano

Robin Spear and John Cleary

Zachary Squire

Benjamin Stapleton, III

Sarah Stapleton

State Farm

Elise Tagatac and Colin Staton

Robert Sternheim

Robert Stone

Amanda Strenz and Vlado Vince

Myra Strober and Jay Jackman

Sharon Sullivan and James Gravitt

Nancy and Robert Swain

C.K. Swett

Betty Szlachter

The Tangney Family

Christopher Tatro

TD Bank, N.A.

Marie and Janain Thomas

Dorian Thompson

P. Thorpe

Jennifer DiFiglia and Todd Toler

Linda and Michael Tomasso

Mona Trzaska

UBS Financial Securities

Caroline Urvater

Christina van Hengel and Charles Miller

Claudia and Maarten van Hengel

Cynthia and Lee Vance

Peter Vaska

Jacqueline Vega and Genaro Marrero

Tyler Velten

Amy Venema and Brett Wettick

Jacqueline and Lou Vricella

Marguerite Walker

Judith Warren

Kathleen and William Weigel

Eric Weinstein

Tina Wells


Libby White

Leah and Robert Wilcox

Julius Williams

Jordan Wolowitz

Cathy Wong and Keath Chan

Diane and James Woods

Jamile Wright

Andrew Wuertele

Shijuan Xu and Jianpei Wu

Tushar Yadava

Christi and Joe Yan

Brigitte Yohe

Marc Zegen

Rebecca Zhang and Harry Hu

Zachary Zimmerman

Vera Zlatarski



Up to $99

Claire Abenante

Comfort Adjei

Kimberly Aguilera

Ashim Ahuja

Sylvia Aisenstadt Ovadia

Mark Alberici

Carmen Alcala and Raffo Cano

Kathleen and Michael Allen

Sheelagh Allston

Brad Alperin

Corrine Alvarez

Sam Antar

Lydia Asaf

Sabrina Avila

Miriam Aviles

Erica Babad

Beau Baldwin

Cheryl Baptiste

Lynn Barberi

Meri Barer

Karen Bart

Noel Baumann

Jacqueline Bediako

Andy Benejam

Johanna Bermudez

Leonard Bertolino

Jeremy Biagiotti

Evan Blaire

Joann Block

Kristina Bonhorst

Michelle Bonilla

Jacqui Booker

Esther and Howard Borer

Joyce and Walter Boucher

Erin Boyce

Susan and Donald Brant

James Breece

Craig Breslawski

Marnie Briskin

Vanessa Brockway

Bettina Broer

Gloria Brown

Loraine Browne

Michael Browne

Heather Brownlie

Kelly Brusalis

Kristen Buchholz

Jason Caldwell

Elsie Calo

Nancy Calo

Adeline Camacho

Ellen Cambe

Jerry Cammarata

MaryAnn Carini-Giordano

Karen Carlson

Maggie Carmichael

Beth and Kenneth Carr

Jennifer Carr

Milena Castillo

Asha Champaneria

Sapna Champaneria

Ryan Charles

The Chen Family

Win Chesson

Elaine Chon-Baker

Patricia Christides

Alisa Clark

Amanda Clarke

Janet Cohen

Joseph Cohen

Emma Collins

Kim Collins

Christine Connell

Mike Conroy

Katie Conway

Kate Cosgrove

Shannon Cowherd

Latarria Coy

Erica Crane

Blair Crowley

Rebecca Culley

Jonathan Damon and Oswaldo Luciano

Paula Dapp

John DeCaro

Marguerite Del Valle and James Power

Ellen DeMunter

Laura Deutch

Susan and Chris Devlin

Karla and Ray Devonish

Cathy and Jack Dinaburg

Donald Dotson

Randall Dottin

Vicki Doucet

Betina Dowdell

Tara Doyle

Paula Drake

Brian Dunne

Gaetie Edouarzin

Ben Eisenberg

Anthony Englert

Stephanie Evans

Steve Evelly

Jonathan Fabricant

Francesca Falco-Treppiedi and Joseph Treppiedi

Luke Fehsenfeld

Jocelyn Fermin and Joel Almonte

Lauren Festa

Kirsten Filosa

Elanah and Steven Fishman

Owen Fitzpatrick

Sonia Florentino

Gabriel Florio

Elizabeth Flowers

Lai Ping Fong

Wendy Fong and Chang Yan Li

Gary Ford

Melissa Fordyce

Dan Forman

Augusta Foshay-Rothfeld

Robyn Freer

Marissa Gabriels

Anthony Gabur

Steven Gabur

David Gallardo

Jessie Gardner

Anna Gargagliano

Brian Gavin

Stephen Gerard

Lara Gerstein and Ann Hairston

Susan Giesecke

Alex Giocondi

Robert Glasser

Michele Goldstein

Susannah and Bernard Goldstein

Rose Gomez

John Gonzalez

Barbara Gordon

Erica Gottlieb

Natalia Gouzi

JoAnna Greenwood

Sharon Grunfeld

Valentina Guarascio

Sandra Guirguis

Josh Guss

Altagracia Guzman

John Habich and Andrew Solomon

Tomoko Hagane-Mullins and Timothy Mullins

Alexandra Halpern

Nicole Haroutunian

Junaidah Hassen-Hernandez

John Havrilla

Shawn Healey

Jeffrey Heller

Elspie Hellermann

Ruby Hellman

Julia Hernandez

Richard Hernandez

Cody Hickok

Dorothea Hillis

Kevasia Hines

Samantha Hinton

Jill Hodge

Samuel Homburger

Janet and Sat Hon

Susan Horwitz

Chad Hummel

Martha Hurley

Louis Iannotti

Cynthia Ierardo

Ivy Ip and David Stewart

Eileen and Peter Jachym

Paula Jackson

Pamela and Allan Jacobs

Stephanie Jacqueney

Fateh Jain

Sachin Jain

Haidar Jamal Baba

Carol Jeffery

Kelly Johnson

Tarnetta Jones

Tiana Jones

Vera Jones

David Justus

Ian Kalafatis

Kevin Kappel

Kayla Kelly

Marci and Mark Kelly

Meagan Kelly

Art Kerber

Jaime Kessler

Marion and Hal Kessler

Julia Kindred

Gita and Michael Kinney

Susan and Joe Kinsella

Sonya Kippins

Beth Kissinger

Ruth Klaus

Erica Kleinman

Suzanne Knaster

Paul Koeniger

Michael Koplin

Rochelle Korman

Stephanie Kraeutler

Reed Kramer

William Kuhn

Aliza and Evan Kushner

Teresa Kushnir

Suki LaBarre

Vesna Lacoste

Felix Lang

Robert LaPolla

Alvina and Edward Lau

Tim Lauer

Brittany Laughlin

Dan Leahy

Terri Leahy

Ivy and Alan Leibowitz

Marybeth Leithead

Susana and Wen Li

Eric Lipkind

Elizabeth Loder

Elisabeth Lonsdale

Shirley Alina and Edmundo Lopez

Ginny and John Loughlin

Brenda Loya

Marlene Lund

Daniel Lyb

Fran Madarasz

Melissa Madarasz

Sam Madden

Kimberly Maffei

Kate Magrath

Marjorie and Charles Malone

Janelle Manning

Lynne and Burton J. Manning

H. Jeffrey Marcus

Donna and Rueben Markgraf

Laurie Markiewicz

Jared Markson

Jesse Marrus

Lauren Marrus

Erika Martell

Jenis Martinez

Isabel and Sol Masch

Rachel Maslanka and Isaac Rugg

Devone Mason

Noreen and Mario Mastrangelo

Eila Masur

Carmen Mateo

Carmen Matias and Hechter Ubarry

Jillian McCauley

George McDermott

Elizabeth McGee

Barbara McKeon

Maura McNamara

Rashida Meggett

Susan and Herbert Mendelson

Sarah Meneely

Frank Mentesana

Beth Miller

Elizabeth Miller

Lori Misitis

Erin Mitchell

Stacy Mohr

June Mooney

Virginia and Tom Murphy

Taniesha Myles

Yvette Naut

Amanda Nesbitt

Chava Newcombe

Suzanne Nicoletti-Krase and Jerome Krase

Nancy and Paul Novograd

Susan Nowak-Tang

Ramon Nunez

Yanira Nunez

Sharon Kaye-O’Connor and Brian O’Connor

Elizabeth O’Leary

Olivia Owre-Bell

Shannon Oxford

Luz Padilla

Ramona Padilla

Zoraida Padilla

John Pancetti

Shefali Patel

Stephanie Paturzo

James Paul

Joni Pearlman

Patricia Pearson

Henry Pellicoro

Josh Penzner

Yanet Perdomo

Daniel Perry and Michael Serapiglia

Nancy Pfingsten

Arnaud Pion

Susan and Robert Pitiger

Natalie Pitta

Evan Platt

Sheldon Powell

Lorraine Powers

Jessica Pratt

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Alana Quagliariello

Daniela Quintanilla

Sami Rahman

Francesca Ramsawak

Likhitha Reddy

Eleanore Reilly

Heidi Reinberg

Susan and Peter Restler

Nancy Richard

Sarah Richard

Ali Rieck

Judith Robards

Anne Robbins

Jeanette Roberts

Blaine Robinson

Lourdes Rodriguez

Lauren Rosa

Norma Rosario

Irene Rosen

Julie Rosenberg

Sari and Wilhelm Rosenberg

Jill and Adam Rosenblum

Josh Rosenblum

Ellyn Roth Mittman and Lawrence Mittman

Nicole Roth

Janet Rotter

Janelle and Cleveland Roundtree

Marina Rubiano

Cheryl Rubin

Byron Ruby

Alejandro Ruiz

Michelle and Tom Russell

Deborah Sabat

Ivan Salinas

Ashley Salzano

Peter Salzano

Amanda Sanchez and Damien Andrews

Isaura Sanchez and Alexander Loney

Giovanni Sansalone

Mila Sanson

Lendy Santiago

Ebony and Nicholas Santos

Joan and Gerald Schieber

Nicole Schlobach

Edith and Beat Schürmann

Jennifer Sellar

Yesha Shah

Connor Shanahan

Susan and Joel Shapiro

Yaron Shashoua

Kelly Sheehan

Brett Sheely

John Shkreli

Roselynn and Michael Silverberg

Kathryn Simic

Vitaliy Simonian

Pamela Skop

Chad Slawner

Andrea Sluchan

Sebastian Snyder

Paulo Soares

Harriet Spear

Jessica Speltz Folger

Alison Spencer

Jeb Spengler

Leslie and Randy Steinman

Sterling National Bank Charitable Foundation

Carolyn Stiles

Lana Stites

Melanie Stockman

Alicia and Paul Stone

Brenda Stone

Kent Strader

Christopher Sturgeon

Claire Sylvan

Robbie Szelei

Rebecca Taber

Karin Fehr Thoma and Franz Thoma

Becky Thomas

Valerie Tiefenauer

Tiger Management

James Tilton

Mary Ellen and Lawrence Tirone

Briana Toegemann

Steve Tomasic

Damicela Toro

Tania Toro

Jane Torrence

Jeanette Torres

Taylor Troyan

Julie Turner

Mandisa Turner

Cheryl Tuttle

Katie Tyson

Lisa and Bill Tyson

Debi and Irwin Unger

Erika Uzzolino

Diana Valenzuela

Sandra Vanderbrook

Philippe Vasilescu

Kelly Vaughan

Christina Vega

Matheus Vergara Beniste

Juliana Villagran

Jeff Volling

Richard Walls

Julie Warren

Mike Watts

Tamesha Webb

Vicky Weiss-Adler

Carolyn Weston

Ariel Williams

Julianna Wilson

James Winslow

Valerie Wise

Elizabeth Wollman

Sai Wong and Wei Chen

Stephanie Worthy

Brian Wu

Adam Yokell

Jawed Zakir

Salo Zelermyer

Harriett Zeller

Ana Zuniga

We are grateful to those of you who have supported our mission through your amazing generosity.

YOU’VE made all the difference!

Planning Giving

Legacy giving is very important to Cooke’s sustainability.  Please contact Michael Eaton at for more information.

Through the Affinity Membership Program, TD Bank will make an annual contribution to Cooke School based on the activity of all participating members’ TD Bank accounts.

Eligible accounts include:

  • Checking – Business & Consumer

  • Savings

  • Money Market

  • Certificate of Deposit

  • Retirement

If you are already a TD Bank customer, please visit any one of their locations and ask to have your balances included as part of the Cooke’s Affinity Membership Program (code: A1923).

Please see the Affinity Membership Program flyer for more information.