FAQs – Everything you need to know! 


When and where is the Cooke walk-a-thon?
The walk-a-thon will be held on Saturday June 1, 2019, at Chelsea Park (10th Avenue between West 27th & 28th Streets). The walk begins at 10am and ends at 12 noon.

Who can participate?
Students, families of students, teachers, staff, board, alumni, alumni families, members of the Cooke Philanthropy Team (CPT)

Ways to participate
Register to walk, fundraise, make a donation, attend the walk-a-thon!

Create your own fundraising page
Sign up and create your own walk-a-thon fundraising page.

Other ways to support the walk-a-thon
Sponsor a walker, Share info about the walk-a-thon on your social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., using the hashtag #SupportCooke

How to give
You donations can be made here or you can send a check payable to Cooke School and Institute : 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 730, New York NY 10115
*Please include Cooke Walk-a-thon in the note of check, and if applicable, also indicate the name of the child or family associated with the gift. 

Is your gift tax deductible?
Yes, it sure is! After making your donation, you will receive an email acknowledgement which will serve as the receipt for the tax-deductible portion of your donation. Cooke School and Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Federal Tax ID 13-3396691.

How to get sponsors
Create a fundraising pageAfter registering for the walk-a-thon, you can share the link to your fundraising page with your email contacts, your friends, families, co-workers and neighborhood businesses to request sponsorship.

What’s the distance for the walk-a-thon? 
This walk-a-thon isn’t about the amount of laps walked, it is about participation! For some, one lap is the goal, and that’s ok. For others, 10 laps is the goal and that’s ok too! We just want everyone to come out and enjoy an event that brings the Cooke community together for a fun filled afternoon.


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