Working Wonders in our Virtual World

Hello there, we’ve missed you!

When we returned for a new school year, we all had to adapt to some big changes. It’s comforting to know that some things won’t ever change—like our ties to family and friends, our core values and our mission! At Cooke, our students are our constant. Collectively, they are the stars that guide us, and together we will keep working to make their futures shine bright!

Our Virtual Stars


Cooke teachers, students, and families are doing a fantastic job of adjusting to the temporary, new normal of teaching and learning through virtual classroom spaces. We utilize the Seesaw learning platform to help ensure the highest level of connection and engagement between our teachers and students. 

Cooke has had a long history of developing individualized instruction for students, and we used Seesaw long before COVID-19 to integrate technology tools that improve access to learning for students with a wide range of developmental needs. 

Remote learning has created some challenges, but it has also been a great way for our students to continue to learn how to use technology in constructive and progressive ways. With the Seesaw platform, and other technology-based learning apps, students are able to participate in asynchronous learning. They can add posts to their individual journals, respond to activities, and view announcements and feedback from their teachers. 

A special thanks to our Cooke families and staff for their commitment (and ingenuity) in helping our students to meet, and exceed, their learning goals!

Our Dream Came True


Yes! You read that correctly. After many years of dreaming, hoping, wishing and working towards this goal, and after two years of construction, we are excited to announce the opening of our new school building at 1713 Madison Avenue. 

We have moved into our beautiful, state-of-the-art K-12 school. While we haven’t yet opened for in-person instruction, our teachers and staff have “moved into” the building and stand ready to utilize the amazing classrooms, arts and therapy spaces, and brand-new gym/auditorium, as soon as we are able to meet again in large groups.

We are incredibly excited, grateful and humbled by the outstanding support of our generous, dedicated donors and friends, who helped us to raise the funds need to build our new home! 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not able to welcome guests to visit our school at this time. That won’t stop us from showing you around (virtually)! Take a sneak peak at our new spaces through our virtual tours. Click here to watch:

Socially-Conscious Cohorts


This year, our Transitions (formerly known as SKILLs program) students decided to name their cohorts after activists who have worked hard to bring awareness to injustices that affect our society.  Students watched film clips and documentaries, and participated in class discussions. They decided on the following cohort names:  John Lewis, James Baldwin, Jane Fonda, Tarana Burke, Harvey Milk, Marsh P. Johnson, and others. This year, they will learn about the progress and contributions of these activists, who made strides towards raising awareness and fostering positive changes to address a variety of social issues.

The Cooke community is committed to being socially conscious; we teach students the importance of standing up and speaking out against injustices that occur around us. These lessons begin at home, however, we as educators are invested in expanding our students’ knowledge of social issues. We strive to help them develop the insight needed to become active participants in their communities, playing their part in making the world a better place!

Looking Forward to Reopening (for In-person Learning)


We know our community has questions about our planned return to in-person instruction. We have created a reopening plan with the primary goal of protecting the health and safety of our children and faculty. 

Please note: all plans are subject to change in accordance with guidelines from state and local authorities. To that end, the plan relies on the guidelines which have been put in place by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), and the New York State Department of Education (NYSED).

For the health and safety of our community, we have also been keenly monitoring (and learning from) the safety practices that have been implemented by schools that have already opened for in-person instruction across the country. We use these lessons learned to help inform our planning.

The pandemic is far from over, and this reopening plan is not a signal that we can return to pre-COVID-19 practices. Our entire community will have to adapt to the changes in our protocols in order for reopening to be a success.

We miss our students and are working diligently, and with eager anticipation, to welcome them back to school for in-person instruction. Special thanks to our entire school community for their support and partnership as we navigate this uncharted territory with resilience and patience.

Click here to view Cooke’s All-Sites Reopening Plan.


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