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• REMINDER from HR and building leaders: You are required to clock in and out on every day you are working. As a suggestion:  Set a reminder on your phone, so you can be alerted each day.

TASC Update

Annual Sexual Harassment Certification | Reminder: Due October 13

• Cooke Employee ID Cards

• Having trouble clocking in or out? Remember this:

1) If you have forgotten your password, please click ‘Forgot Password,” so you aren’t locked out of the system due to too many failed login attempts.

2) Your Username: Your first initial + your last name + last 4 digits of your SS#

3) Your Password: Keep it somewhere safe, so you can refer to it.

4) If you get locked out: Contact HR

5) If you’ve forgotten to log in: Contact Your Supervisor

TASC Update: 2020-2021 TASC enrollment has concluded. Medical expense reimbursement funds will be available October 1, 2020. The TASC plan year is effective October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021. Contact Vanessa at:, you have questions.

• Annual Sexual Harassment Certification | Reminder: Due October 13

This mandatory training takes 45 minutes to complete. Please read the instructions thoroughly before starting, and capture your certificate as proof that you took the online course.

Click here to complete certification.

Most Important: At the end of the training, there will be the opportunity to download or screenshot your certificate. This is proof that you have taken the training. Please follow instructions to capture your certificate.
Once you have downloaded your certificate, please send it to:

• Employee ID’s 
Employee names and photos will be printed directly onto your existing key cards. This card will serve as your Cooke ID, your building key and your timecard. Stay tuned for updates on how to get your existing Cooke key card updated. In the meantime, keep your old Cooke IDs to show security staff upon entering 1713 Madison Avenue.

If you have questions, please contact:

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• More Printer news (Phase 2 update)
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• How to get a replacement key card
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