Coins, Walks and Celebrations!

Kicking off Cooke’s 2021 Coin Campaign

The fall season is a favorite for Cooke! One of our favorite traditions is the Cooke Coin Campaign. The week of October 18 to 21, we invite all of our families, students, and staff, to make a donation (of any amount), in support of this community effort. Each year this event brings our community together as we pool our change to make dollars! 100% Cooke family participation is the key for success, as your gift to the coin campaign helps Cooke in many ways!

The Coin Campaign is a very important factor in Cooke’s fundraising efforts. Some of our foundation and corporate partners consider family/student/staff participation when assessing their levels of support for Cooke. Your coin campaign participation helps to make Cooke eligible for $100,000s in potential grant funding. So, let’s bring CHANGE!

More information will be sent home with a collection bag in your child’s backpack.  Read more by clicking here.

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Community Walks: Getting to Know our East Harlem Neighborhood

A big part of our learning comes from our surroundings, and now that we have returned to in-school instruction, we are taking the opportunity to learn about our new neighborhood in East Harlem. This bustling neighborhood is filled with new sights and sounds and we are all excited to explore and familiarize ourselves with its stores, restaurants, parks and people!

During these community walks, our students do activities such as scavenger hunts to identify places and things that are familiar and discuss things that are new. Cooke Students enjoy exploring and learning outside of their classrooms as they  embrace the new community that Cooke now calls home!

Cooke Community Award Bracelets

At Cooke we take every chance we get to recognize our students for their great work, participation and  kindness towards those in our community. We are relaunching our fun and motivating school tradition of awarding bracelets to our students to acknowledge their efforts. 

In our lower school we identify students who exhibit acts of compassion, creativity, clarity, confidence and courage. In upper school the bracelet award categories include independence, advocacy, initiative, and community. There are many ways in which our students show these actions and it is important that we acknowledge and spotlight them when they do. 

Throughout the week teachers make a mental note of students’ activities that represent the award categories and  then present those students with a bracelet during community meetings. When giving out these bracelets teachers are asked to give specific examples for why they chose a particular bracelet for the student they are rewarding. It is a great opportunity to give praise and positive feedback to encourage our students to consistently practice being their best selves!

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day

On October 11 Cooke will be closed in observance
of Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Cooke is pleased to acknowledge the significance of this day as it recognizes the Indigenous peoples’ of the Western Hemisphere and shows respect to their history and culture.

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