3 Rs and some STEAM!


The 3 Rs at Cooke

Many of us have spent countless hours as children learning about the all important “3 Rs” of education— Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic—the components of a balanced, well-developed curriculum. At Cooke, our world-class educators work diligently to redefine what special education should be. In doing so, they create strategies that make these concepts accessible for all of our students.

From Kindergarten to Upper School, Cooke students work diligently to develop their reading, writing and mathematical proficiency. Through step by step mastery, they develop skills to function in the community more independently and reach their general education goals.


Making Math Meaningful

At our Lower School, students use manipulatives and play games to understand and gain practice using mathematical models such as ten frames and the part-part-whole model. In these early years, they learn fundamental concepts— understanding, quantifying and measuring the material “stuff” of our world.


In the Middle and Upper Schools, students work to formulate, analyze and solve problems by activating their prior knowledge of procedural fluency.


All middle and upper school students participated in a school-wide activity called Estimation Station, where each student guesses the number of items in various containers. The winner gets a prize for their cohort.

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Discoveries in STEAM

This year, our students from the Middle and Upper Schools used engineering design process to engage with interdisciplinary STEAM activities. These hands-on projects give students the opportunity to learn valuable life skills which benefit them both academically and developmentally.

For the month of December, Cooke’s virtual library is a collection of books all about STEAM. These titles showcase the power of problem solving and looking at things from a new perspective.

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Adventures in ELA

In ELA, students are discussing the topic: “What is English?” Students:

  • brainstorm and discuss how they express themselves and use reading and writing in their daily lives
  • explore real and fictional settings to build vocabulary and  compare their own lives to the characters’ lives
  • Use​​ character tracking worksheets to make meaningful predictions, distinguish fact from fiction and connect story elements to current events 

We encourage students to read regularly at home and to share what they read with their parents and their peers. Check out some of the titles our students have read this year. Much more to come!

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