Art Shines at Cooke

Art Imitates Life at Cooke! 


Our students’ creations are a representation of their journey, their joy, their challenges and their victories! At Cooke, we encourage self-expression and help students embrace each new art project as an opportunity to be inspired and to dream. 

Art education can ​​positively affect a child’s ability to comprehend abstract concepts, observe patterns and relationships, and view challenges from varied perspectives.  

Our art, music and drama therapists help students to embrace their creativity and express their emotions.

Students learn to: embrace the beauty of a process, be empowered by the collective, creative process and take time to work in stages on a creative piece. They come away with a better understanding that art, like life, is a journey where they can create their own stories.

In a recent textiles unit, students learned about quilting and weaving. They studied the history, culture and craft behind the quilts of Gee’s Bend, a small, remote  community of Black women in Alabama whose quilted masterpieces inspired exciting traditions that live on today. 

Through our own art collective, students created brilliant art pieces inspired by the amazing Gee’s Bend quilts.

Check out this video clip to view some of the student artwork on display throughout our school:

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