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Important Dates:

• November 3 & 4: Family Conferences (No students in attendance)
• November 8: Election Day (No School for Students)
• November 11: Veterans Day (School Closed)
• November 23: Noon Dismissal
• November 24-25: Thanksgiving Break (School Closed)

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Digital Learning Takes off at Cooke

Now in its third year, the Digital Skills for the Workplace Program, funded by the Moody’s Foundation, is helping Cooke students learn applied digital skills that they can use across the curriculum (e.g., in ELA, math) to showcase what they know and use innovative tools for greater independence. All Cooke students use technology and develop digital skills, but our programming ramps up in the Upper School as these skills are applied in Cooke’s internship program.

Our program utilizes a curriculum specially designed by Dr. Jessie Gardner (Director of Educational Technology and Program Initiatives) and our teaching staff. Beginning in 11th grade, students use the Google Workspace to work through topics such as:

  •   organizing and utilizing tools like Gmail, Calendar, and Drive to improve productivity and collaboration in school, work and life.
  •   using digital tools for planning and presenting, including word processing programs such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word and presentation tools like Google Slides.
  • using digital tools to collect, organize and analyze data for problem-solving and decision-making.

A newer digital arts-focused program, funded by the Taft Foundation, began last year for Transitions students. Young adult students learn about design elements (shape, color, form), Adobe Suite programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and apply them to creative projects.

Our innovative coursework broadens the potential vocational landscape for Cooke students. We are now able to collaborate with new creative internship partners like Strategic Group (Marketing) and Stride (Software Consulting) so that our students can practice their skills with true workplace tasks.

Through these programs, digital skills and arts are alive and thriving at Cooke! 

Brave, Strong Cooke Students in the Making


How many times have you said this to yourself this week?

I am brave.

I am strong.

I am a good friend.

I can try new things.

I can learn anything.


    Cooke students say these words to themselves and each other every week at our Lower/Middle School Town Meeting. The goal is for these phrases to permeate into each student’s self-identity. Teachers talk about these qualities throughout the day, and as students work through lessons, collaborate with friends on projects and try new things, they hear the message that they are brave—that they can try new things.

    Our K-12 afterschool program exemplifies the spirit of these confidence-building mantras. Students are challenged to expand their knowledge and comfort zones, while learning new things. The program offers students an opportunity for self-selected activities in social settings across age and grade level.

    During basketball and cooking classes, students can showcase their strength and bravery. They will grow by doing new things and begin a lifelong journey of self-respect that carries them into adulthood.

    Providing FREE afterschool to K-12 families, regardless of ability to pay, is a fantastic gift that our generous donors help provide to Cooke families.

    Help our students become the brave, strong adults of tomorrow! 

    Back-to-School Nights at Cooke


    Cooke’s 2022-23 school year is off to a great start. For this year’s back-to-school nights, we surveyed families to get a sense of how parents preferred to participate in the event. It turned out that many parents of older students (grades 9-12) desired a virtual meeting, while others (parents of K-8 students) preferred the option to participate in-person.

    The needs of each age group of students are very different and we assessed that younger students (K-8 grade) families were seeking connection and community building. Whereas more high school families—who may be more familiar with our programs, and each other—preferred a virtual option.

    As such, an in-person and virtual option was offered, resulting in an ample turnout of families from both the K-12 grades and at Cooke Transitions, where all attendees were in-person. After several years of virtual Back to School Nights, we were thrilled to open our doors and welcome some of our families for in-person sessions! Special thanks to our Cooke families  for making our Back to School Nights a success! We will continue to assess and make adjustments to meet the needs of our students and families, as Cooke always has!

    Celebrating Hispanic Heritage


    Cooke’s monthly virtual libraries are back! This month’s theme is Hispanic Heritage—honoring the history and contributions of Americans with ancestry from Central and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Spain.

    At Cooke, we strive to ensure that every student sees themselves represented in our curriculum.  We have selected texts that reflect their experiences and languages, provide windows into the lives of others, and open doors into the diverse world around us. 

    To help celebrate and educate students about Hispanic Heritage, books, videos, articles, and activities were incorporated to bring the achievements of Hispanic and Latino people into the classroom. They learned about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and took a virtual tour through the Frida Kahlo museum. They also learned about Hispanic foods, and enjoyed delicious Mexican hot chocolate!

    Check out some of the selections that have been included in our virtual library for Hispanic Heritage Month:

    Getting Together for Coffee and Connection

    “Coffee with Cooke” is a FREE social event (but RSVP is required) that creates a space for Cooke families to connect and build community. Hosted by Cooke’s Head of School, Francis Tabone and Associate Head of School, Mary Clancy, this event helps families to keep up with all the exciting things happening at our school and learn about volunteer opportunities and parent groups.

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