Keeping Up With Cooke – Spring is Here!

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”
-John Muir

Hand washing is more  important than ever, and we have to ensure that we’re doing it the right way. So whether you sing the happy birthday song, the alphabet song, or the chorus to your favorite rap song, hand washing should be done for a minimum of 20 seconds to be effective.

Check out this quick clip demonstrating the steps for getting those hands nice and clean!

Ms. Fichtelberg, Cooke’s Music Teacher, recently ushered in spring with ample does of happiness! Enjoy this SUPER AWESOME sing-a-long video she created: SPRING IS HERE!

#CookeConnects Shout-Outs

(A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way)

Cooke Faculty: Our faculty has met the challenges of virtual learning with grit, commitment and razor-sharp focus on our students’ needs! We are so grateful to them for creating an enriching and challenging curriculum to maintain student engagement.

Cooke Parents/Families: You continue to be the essential support system for our community. You help students stay connected, give them loving praise and cheer them on as they reach their goals!



We’ve been busy behind the scenes! Our 30-day photo food challenge (#cookingwithcooke) has been a lot of fun. Our community has done a terrific job of posting their photos daily.

Join the fun!

Post your #cookingwithcooke 30 day challenge photos on your Instagram stories and on Facebook! This week’s challenge includes pictures of:

Monday (April 20) : Salad 

Tuesday (April 21) : Pots or Pans

Wednesday (April 22) : Dinner 

Thursday (April 23) : Pantry Item

Friday (April 24) : White Food 

Tag us in your photo @cookeschoolnyc and add hashtag #cookingwithcooke

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