Cooke School and Institute

2020-21 Donor Report


For 35 years, Cooke has provided an educational experience that anchors

students and families. Together with its world-class educators, our community

has worked to re-define and refine what special education could and should

be, making it student-centric, well rounded and meaningful.

Your support makes it all possible, and we are grateful!


A Note from Cooke President, Dr. Michael Termini

As I sit in my office in our new school building and reflect, I stand in awe  of what we have accomplished. The “we” is a broad group of hundreds of families, thousands of students, creative and dedicated faculty and staff, trustees, and our individual and institutional donors.

The new building is a testament to all of you, but what goes on within the walls is our greatest achievement. As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, we recognize our incredible growth:

  • Our annual enrollment has grown from seven young children to more than 300 students ages 5 through 21. 
  • Each of our current students receives the same level of individual attention as did our first students. 
  • Not only do our faculty follow  best practices, but they create new instructional practices that are suited to the academic and therapeutic needs of each student, optimizing their ability to live as independently as possible.
  • Our new school provides space for athletics, related services, art, music and movement instruction, and technology, the likes of which we could only have dreamed of some few years ago. I am confident that these new physical resources will allow for more innovative programming.

As we celebrate 35 years of education, each of us can feel proud of our contribution. On behalf of our current students, and thousands of alumni, I thank you for your engagement and support.

35 Years of Learning



$200K and Up

Andrea Pollack and Adam Usdan

Karen and Tom Robards

The Taft Foundation

$100K to $199,999


Robert and Kate Niehaus Foundation

The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund

$50K to $99,999

Helen Lee-Warren and David Warren

Debbie and Andrew Morris

Tracey and Robert Pruzan

Robert and Ardis James Foundation

Julia Tung and Tongwei Liu

Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation

35 Years of Growing


Alina and Ozzie Ramos

The Atlantic Foundation

The Cecelia Joyce and Seward Johnson Foundation


Benno Ansbacher

Joan Beir

Ellen Bickal and Gary Bieber


City National Bank

Sybil Cohen

Debbie Cooper and Daniel Sternberg

Danielle Curi and Max Herrnstein

DE Shaw


June Eichbaum and Kenneth Wirfel


The Hyde & Watson Foundation

Juanita Leff

Mc Gowan Builders

Morgan Stanley

Nancy and Daniel Neff

June Niklus and David Murphy

Janet and David Offensend

Deborah and Michael Pollack

Elsa Roe

Carolyn Rossip Malcolm

Laurel Rubin

Barbara and O. Griffith Sexton

Christine and Eamon Walsh

Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP

35 Years of Belonging


SoJin Bae and Jay Kim

Wendy Banner and Geoffrey Wiener

Marcia and Michael Beck

Mary and Randy Berger

Roxanne and Scott Bok

The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation

Deirdre Featherstone
and Wilson Madden

Stacey and Andrew Feller

Anne Garonzik

Carlie and Neal Garonzik

Wendy and Benjamin Goldberg

Janice and Ralph James

Robin and Brian Leach

Nan Molofsky and Arthur Skelskie


Patricia Nooy and Roger Miller

Louise Parent and John Casaly

Heather and Brett Rogoff

Sterling National Bank

The Esther and William Benenson Family Foundation

Barbara and Michael Zimmerman

Denise and Stuart Zwerling


Diane and Leon Abudaram

Kimberly Albright and Michael Dow

Sabine Barbier-Goldman and Jonathan Goldman

Anastasia and Ronald Barth

Elli and David Basner

Susan Caruso Green and Stuart Green

Bethany Chase and Andy Weinstein

Jane Condon and Kenneth Bartels

Maria Luisa Cotrina and Juan Carlos Lopez

Heather and Jeffrey Damon

Margaret Downs and Henry Zachary

Erika and Todd Drezner

Kathleen and Lawrence Dunne

Michael Eaton and Michael Hoagland

Martha and Stephen Ellman

Betty and Billy English

Eveline Erni Barton and Gary Barton

E. Ann Gill and Robert Hempel

Anna and Dionysios Grevenitis


Elizabeth and Jason Hamilton

Cindy and Randall Heck

John Henderson

Christine and Kevin Hennessey

Roberta Herter

Molly Hoagland and Rufus Collins

Tracy Hurley Martin

Meredith J. Kane

Fanny and Khamsy Khowong

Sandra and Joseph Lambert

Diana Lopez and Robert Begleiter

Carmen and Ivan Lorenzana

Beth Maher

Cia and Robert Marakovits

Michelle Mintz and Jason Scharfspitz

Mutual of America

New York Community Trust

Elizabeth Ostrow and Andrew Buchsbaum

Nawal Otmane-Tani
and Ahmed Mitwalli

Joyce and Daniel Pariser

Laurie and David Pauker

Sarah Paul and Mark Nachamie

PBDW Architects

Paula and John Perlowski

Eileen Red

Susan and William Rifkin

Barbara and Victor Rocco

Carolina Sandoval-Ciferni and John Ciferni

Lorna and Mitchell Schamroth

Samantha and Steven Scire

Anne and Ronald Simon

Rose Marie and Kelly Smith

Gayle Spear and David Eisen

TD Bank, N.A.

Michael Termini

The Cousins’ Charitable Foundation

Caroline Urvater Venable LLP

Cathy Wong and Keath Chan

Caroline and Eric Yoon

Constant Joy



Anita Abraham-Inz and Richard Inz

Suzanne and James Aisenberg

Anonymous Donors

Rosemary and Jonathan Ansbacher

Janet Beck

Ulka and Scot Campbell

Zheng Chiu and Shuet Ying Choi

Carrie Cohen and Richard Lipsey

Latoya Cook

Kitty and Guy de Chazal

Donna S. DeCoursey and John C. Straton, Jr.

Nancy Devlin Byers and Ben Dowdell

Sherree and Marc Drezner

Gail and Peter Ferris

Jacquelyn and Glenn Fittante

Tom Flood

Stephanie Gayden and Marc Miller

Lara Gerstein and Ann Hairston

Frank Iannelli

Carol and Mark Jaffe

Chris Karagheuzoff

Marisa Lago and Ron Finiw

Ester Mae

Leonardia and Gino Tadiar

Jamie and Joseph Luft

Barbara Marcus and Michael Pollack

Patti and Cabot Marks

Renée and Kurt Nicholson

Patricia and Lewis Raibley

Anne Marie Roina-Livoti and Peter Livoti

Jeanne and Blane Schertz

Harvey Shapiro

Amy Sohnen

Deborah and Jeffrey Stevenson

Bob Tuschman

Christina van Hengel and Charles Miller

Claudia and Maarten van Hengel

Kathleen and William Weigel

Leah and Robert Wilcox

Barbara Wolf

Brigitte Yohe

Vera Zlatarski


Hana and Hanif Abdur-Rahman

Madina Abdurasulova
and Chris Moschovitis

Jonathan Aghravi

Susan and Albert Asebrook

Ellen Banner

Elizabeth Barlow and William Bedwell

JoAnn and Robert Beltempo

Paul Binder

Jill Block and Marc Shapiro

Katherine Bradford

Caren Byrd

Paul Cantor and Helaine Cantor

Judy Choi and Philip Herter

Jeffrey Cohen

Maria and Warren Davis

Portia Dillard and Andrzej Jakubowicz

Ann Dowd Arancio
and Lawrence Arancio

Francine Dreyfus

Deborah Farrington

Debra and Barry Frank

Tomoko Furuya-Capozzi
and Richard Capozzi

Faye Ginsburg and Fred Myers

Brendan Goldstein

Karen Hartmann

Martha Hornthal
and Kathleen Kincaid

Carmen and Roman Hurko

Hillary and James Jacobs

Gita and Michael Kinney

Susan and Thomas Kirch

Laurin and Norman Kleiman

Phyllis Klein

Lori and Elliot Kloper

Robin Krause

Laurel Leff and Jeremy Paul

Carol Levin

Miriam and Robert Mahler

Lisa and Dennis Meade

Gabrielle and Michael Palitz

Mary Ann and Len Policastro

Juliette Rose

Chrystia Slywotzky

Joanne and Kenneth Sold

Sierra Soucy and Zeke Tell

Benjamin Stapleton

Sharon Sullivan and James Gravitt

Cindy Surdi

Nancy and Robert Swain

Drusilla van Hengel and Riley Patlak

Stacie Wong

Up to $249

Enrique Aldana

James Alicea

AmazonSmile Foundation

Deborah Antar Ehrlich and Jerald Ehrlich

Sam Antar

Arielle Argibay and Carlos Abraham

Miriam Aviles

Noemi and Nelson Aviles

Larissa Baczyk

Sara Basson

Jacqueline Bediako

Bunny Benenson and Andy Roth

Arnis Berger

Leonard Bertolino

Janet Bickal

Frances Blackman

Tonya Blazio

Robert Bodzin

Vjekoslava Bosanac-Popovic
and Zack Popovic

Cheryl Boucher
and Christopher Castaldi

Susan and Donald Brant

Leslie and Frederick Bright

Harvey Bunis

Sapna Champaneria

Melissa Chan

Jessie Chen and Ding Bin Xie

Talida and Timothy Chen

Elizabeth Chisholm

Gigi DeCrosta

Michael Deegan

Susan and Chris Devlin

Karla and Ray Devonish

Kadiatou Diallo and Ibrahima Bah

Jennifer DiFiglia and Todd Toler

Carlos Dolmo

Vicki Doucet

Andreen Douglas

Kathryn and James Douthit

Gaetie Edouarzin

Robyn and David Epstein

Karen and Delroy Espinoza

Dara Feivelson

Janice Fevrier-Monrose

Pat and James Fingeroth

Irene and Jason Gans

Clare and Frank Garcia

Linda Garrettson

Adele Gatens

Phyllis Gerstein

Susannah Gersten

Gail Gerzetic

Emily Giese

Kathy and Eric Goldberg

Susannah and Bernard Goldstein

Eileen and Dominic Granito

Donna Green

Nancy Guzowski

John Habich and Andrew Solomon

Carol and Gregory Hanna

Ryan and Ethan Hawke

Adrienne Hepler

Mary Herms and Ryan Marshall

Bao Ho and Joshua Schneyer

Jill Hodge

Madeline and David Holder

Janet and Sat Hon

Christina and Willyhawk Huang

Tonya Hurley Pagnotta
and Michael Pagnotta

Pam Hutto and Kenneth Hochman

Kamran Isayev

Stephanie Jacqueney

Maria Jaime

Jennifer and Nicholas Jerez

Frances Jones

Vera Jones David

Justus Frances

Kamien and Lawrence Mattis

Jennifer Kane and Bernie Trilling

Sharon Kaye-O’Connor
and Brian O’Connor

Marion and Hal Kessler

Betsy and Bill King

Erin and Kevin Kinsella

Sonya Kippins

Suzanne Knaster

Aliza and Evan Kushner

Maryanne Kuzniar

Michelle Latimer

Alvina and Edward Lau

Jae Lee Ivy and Alan Leibowitz

Degan Leopold

Louise Levy

Marisa Luft

Tom MacGregor

John Malaya

Ian Malcolm

Marjorie and Charles Malone

Janelle and Gregory Manning

Cathy Martinez

Noreen and Mario Mastrangelo

Maggie McCabe and Ryan Crew

George McDermott

Anne Marie and
Thomas McDonough

Laura Mercedes Silva
and Mario Silva

Rosa Molina Martinez

Catherine Morris

Joan and Richard Nardi

Paul Neglia

Sophia Neglia

Tara Nicholson

Katie Niebuhr and Peter O’Brien

Luz Padilla

Beth Parker and Ken Taymor

Jennifer Patterson and Louis Craco

Cindy and David Pinter

Jonathan Polansky

Janine Pollack

Allison and David Porter

Barbara Pratt

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Suzette Prigmore

Shirley and Stanley Puskarz

Ferid Radoncic

Maria and Johnny Rahman

Sami Rahman

Maxine and Earl Reiss

Resource Furniture

Nancy Richard

Blaine Robinson

Everlidys Robles

Susannah Rogers

Norma Rosario

Donna Ross

Jessica Ross

Janet Rotter

Karmen and Frederick Royall

Chris Sales

Lisa Sanderson

Elizabeth Santiso

Nicole Santos and Ebony Santos

Lorin Schiff and Lenny Adelson

Amy and Josh Schindler

Birgit Schwarz-Hickey
and Lenny Hickey

Susan and Joel Shapiro

James Silberman

Kathy Simic

Ginny and Eric Skar

Joan Soucy

Alison Spencer

Phyllis Stern

Robert Stone

Rosemary Suh Watts and Shawn Watts

Wing Sung Chan

Eileen Tell

Patricia Thorpe

Linda and Michael Tomasso

Damicela Toro

Jan van Voorn

Sandra Vanderbrook

Katty Vargas

Jacqueline Vega and Genaro Marrero

Charles Vorbach

Matthew Warshaw

Carolyn Weston

Maureen Wilson

Maddie Wolberg and Mike Lock

Erica Wolff

Esther Yon-Sook Suh
and David Kwang-Eel Suh

Frances Zwerling

We are grateful to those of you who supported our mission through your

amazing generosity.

YOU’VE made all the difference!